Checking Your Tyre Inflation Level

Hey guys, Ricky Lion here!

Keeping on top of your tyres means you don’t have to worry about whether it is safe to drive your vehicle in relation to them.  One of the many simple features that is always in use is the tyres.   The types of tyres available varies massively based on a range of reasons, from the style of vehicle to the time of year.   In addition to this, each vehicle requires a specific size of tyre to ensure driving safely. 

Tyres can vary hugely in price depending on their style, their size and their provider.  All season tyres can remain on vehicles throughout the year not requiring to be changed from season to season.  This style of tyre offers benefits during all four seasons and appears to be the style of tyre owned by many drivers.  In contrast to this, summer and winter tyres are available which are specifically created to cope with the conditions likely to occur at these times of the year.  Designed to withstand hot or cold temperatures, which create various adaptations to the common features of roads, season specific tyres each have several values.  The price of each type of tyre varies, often related to producer and provider, and obviously those of us deciding to alternate between summer and winter tyres will require to spend additional amounts of money.

As well as having the option to change the type of tyre your vehicle uses, its essential to have a handle on the current wear and tear of your tyres.  The thickness of tyres has a regulation attached to it.  Imposed by the law, the depth of the tyre tread must be a minimum of 1.6mm covering over three-quarters of the tyre.   Frequently measuring the depth of the tread will ensure that you are able to chose to replace each tyre when required.  This will add to maintaining the safety of your vehicle.  If you are not sure how deep the tread of your tyre is, there are various tools you can buy and items you can use to support you.

Finally, the pressure of your tyres also has an impact on your driving.  Checking that your tyre pressure is in line with the manufacturer’s recommendation will support your vehicles safety.  There are a number of different ways you can do this.  One is to drive to a petrol station or garage that offers an air pressure machine that you can use to identify the pressure and increase it where necessary.  Another option, that has a number of benefits, is purchasing a tyre inflator, many of which can be plugged in inside the car.  Owning this item allows you to regularly check and correct your tyre pressure no matter where you are.  It will also help to highlight if there are any issue with your tyres including slow air release punctures.  Finally, in addition to allowing you to pump up your tyres, many tyre inflators also come with various sized adaptors you can apply meaning it has the ability to inflate a number of items from bike tyres to footballs and even inflatable seats for outdoors.